Powder Coating

Militex has been powder coating parts for more than three decades for our industrial and military customers. Our conveyor-fed powder coat line can accommodate large parts.

Powder Services Equipment

Our Capabilities

Militex has the following capabilities for powder coating:

  • 1 powder coat booth (5’ 8” wide, 6’5” high, 16’ long) fed by a conveyor
  • Heat-resistant masking for paint-free areas
  • Customized fixtures produced in-house to optimize masking before coating
  • Capable of meeting Class A finish requirements

Our Standards

We can meet:

  • MIL-PRF-32348: Powder Coating, Camouflage Chemical Agent Resistant Systems
  • Various commercial and industrial standards, including Rohm and Haas

Please contact us and our team will review to see if we can meet your standards or requirements

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