Metal Finishing Services

Militex is a one-stop shop for metal finishing and industrial coating and has a wide range of value-added services like assembly, identification, and corrosion testing. We have an unsurpassed quality record while meeting the most demanding standards for major manufacturers, and our turnaround time is generally five business days.

We can process small parts efficiently with our system of conveyors for pretreatment and coating, and our plant is equipped to process components up to 20,000 pounds.

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Cleaning & Pretreatment

Militex has a variety of metal finishing options for various substrates and sizes of parts.

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Liquid Coating

Militex can apply a wide variety of industrial and military liquid finishings.

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Powder Coating

Militex has powder coated parts for more than three decades for our industrial and military customers.

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Polyurea Coatings

Militex is certified to apply Battlejacket® and Rhino Linings® products.

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Assembly & Identification

Militex can simplify your supply chain with our capabilities for assembly and identification after coating.

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Quality Assurance

Militex’s quality record is unparalleled, and we have specialized Quality Assurance capabilities.

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North America’s Premier Military and Industrial Paint Finishing Facility

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