Militex is North America’s premier paint facility supporting the Defence, Naval, Aerospace and Industrial sectors.. With 30 years of experience and over 150 highly trained and dedicated employees, Militex can meet your most challenging painting and assembly requirements, on time and with exceptional quality.


Militex offers a wide range of in house proven Military cleaning methods:
  • TT-C-490 Method I – Mechanical or Abrasive blast cleaning, sanding, grinding, in accordance with The Society For Coatings (SSPC) standards.
  • TT-C-490 Method II – Solvent cleaning by immersion, spray, vapour, or hand wiping.
  • TT-C-490 Method III – Detergent cleaning by immersion, spray, vapor, ultrasonic, hot alkaline, or electrolytic methods.
  • TT-C-490 Method V – De-Rusting by chemical means.
  • TT-C-490 Method I – Steam cleaning, with or without assisted pressure washer.
Military cleaning methods


Militex offers a wide range of in-house Military proven pretreatment options:
  • TT-C-490 Type I – Zinc Phosphate.
  • TT-C-490 Type III – Organic pretreatment.
  • TT-C-490 Type IV – Inorganic pretreatment.
  • TT-C-490 Type VI – MIL-DTL-5541, Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys.
  • TT-C-490 Type VIII – Metal-rich coating for abrasive blasted surfaces.


CNC manufactured masking ensures specific tolerance requirements are met.
CNC manufactured masking

Liquid Finishing

We currently support the following Military and Industrial sectors:
  • Land Systems ( CARC - MIL-DTL-53072 )
  • Naval Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Light Rail
  • Projectiles
  • Satellite
Liquid Finishing

Powder Finishing

We offer military (CARC) and commercial powder application.


Militex offers a turnkey facility which can complete intricate assembly of your painted components.


Militex partners with international Armour engineering companies to produce ballistic solutions:
  • ECR Glass impregnation and pressing
  • Aramid Liner pressing
  • CNC Waterjet cutting of Ballistic Liners

Polyurea Coatings

Militex is a Certified Applicator of High Impact Technologies and Rhino Liner Coatings:
  • BattleJacket® – Self-Sealing/Healing Fuel Cell Protection Coating
  • Rhino Lining® – Hardline® and Tuff Grip® Coatings

Sign Shop

Internal multifunctional Sign Shop uses CNC Vinyl cutting to produce intricate stencil and masking per drawing requirements.
Sign Shop