25 Years of Quality Service
Militex Coatings was founded in 1990, and grew quickly as it became a trusted supplier for painting Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) on the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV), produced in London Ontario. After this initial success, Militex branched out, and in 1995, pioneered the Canadian production of spall liner, fibreglass armour on the interior of vehicles, and began the final finishing and assembly of full vehicles in 1997.

With the US Army’s purchase of more than 4,000 LAVs in 2001, Militex began a major expansion of its operations and acquired the capability to sandblast and paint entire vehicle hulls. The company continues to help produce LAVs for General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada, and is painting parts for Textron’s Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle.
The company is a proud supporter of the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada’s allies, and a number of employees are veterans or serving soldiers.

Since 1990, Militex has become one of North America’s premier CARC painting facilities and producers of spall liner, and it has contributed to the production of more than 7,000 armoured vehicles.

With a wide range of specialized painting and manufacturing capabilities, a committed and skilled workforce, and nearly twenty-five years of experience, Militex is your best choice for high quality at an affordable price.
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