Militex began with a focus on the application of CARC coatings
Coatings - for piece parts and hulls

Militex has a variety of options to meet your pre-treatment needs. We have an alodine line for aluminum parts, blast cabinets for small and large parts, and a blast booth for entire hulls or very large parts. Militex has a zinc phosphate line, as well as a wash bay for vehicles and hulls which can apply a rust inhibitor, and a smaller wash bay for piece parts.


Militex has seen thousands of different parts come through its doors, each with its own requirements for masking. We have an experienced team, and the full range of supplies for masking, including heat-resistant masking for use in powder coat and a vinyl cutter for custom masking.


Wet-Spray: Militex has seven booths to wet-spray piece parts – two of these are fed by a conveyor line to maximize efficiency, and the other five are for very large parts, the application of custom colours, or special coatings, such as rhino liner or battle jacket. We also have two large booths to paint vehicle hulls or large parts, along with two booths that can hold fully assembled vehicles, each with a pit to facilitate the painting of the bottom of the vehicle. Our paint distribution system is optimized to reduce waste and inefficiency.


Militex has a powder coat booth fed by a conveyor, and is currently working on becoming one of the first Canadian companies certified to spray military-grade powder.


Militex has produced spall liner, interweaved layers of fibre glass impregnated with glue, for nearly twenty years, and produced nearly 5,000 vehicle armour kits. This armour is glued to the interior of the vehicle, and stops fragments of steel from injuring the crew or soldiers when the vehicle is hit by enemy fire. Panels of spall liner are cut in-house with our water-jet cutter, and then glued to the hull or critical components, such as hatches.


Militex also has employees who are experienced in assembling doors, ramps, and other specialized equipment. We also have experience in assembling full vehicles, including installing internal and external stowage, signage, stencils, and doing a final quality inspection.


Militex also has the capability to produce durable and custom-made decals, and produces hundreds of stencils daily to label individual parts. We have a fully outfitted software suite and can generate artwork to match drawings, photos, or scans, and can print a variety of colours, and then cut decals or stencils to shape.
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